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WriterDuet Movie Writing Story Contest

We're excited to partner with WriterDuet on this contest! WriterDuet is a screenwriting software built by screenwriters. They want to provide the most efficient, productive and enjoyable writing experience possible for solo writers, co-writers, and writing teams. In this contest, you will make a story that you think could become a movie one day.

October 18th 2019, 7:00 am ~ November 15th 2019, 8:00 am (your time zone)


Stories must be under 1000 words and be appropriate for audiences under 18. The stories should be original fiction stories that you could see or hope to see as a movie (not poems or fanfiction).


WriterDuet will award the winner 1 year of WriterDuet Pro ($89.00 value). With Pro, you get unlimited scripts, real-time collaboration, and the full feature set: Online-offline desktop app, edit-by-edit script time machine, and complete toolsets for line-by-line customization, film production, and granular analysis. The top few most upvoted stories will also be shared on Commaful social media.

Submission Info

If you tag an eligible story withwriterduet-movie, that story will automatically be entered. Using the below button to create will automatically enter your creation into the contest.

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