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Get Featured on Fifty Word Stories Story Contest

Write a story with exactly 50 words and get featured! We are excited to partner with the online publication, FiftyWordStories, on this contest. Fifty Word Stories publishes 2 stories every day that are exactly 50 words long.

August 10th 2019, 7:00 am ~ October 2nd 2019, 6:59 am (your time zone)


A 50-word story is a piece of fiction written in exactly 50 words. That doesn’t mean “roughly” 50 words; it doesn’t mean “as close to 50 words as possible”; it doesn’t mean 50 words or fewer. It means exactly 50 words. As with any other form of fiction, a 50-word story should have a beginning and an end, a plot and character development (even if they are only implied), and a theme, meaning, or purpose of some sort. Many 50-word stories are built around twists or climactic moments. No fanfiction. Please double-check the word count in a word processor before submitting.


The top 10 most upvoted stories will be reviewed, with 2 winning stories to be featured on the 50 Word Stories site. The most upvoted stories will also be mentioned on Commaful's social media pages.

Submission Info

If you tag an eligible story withfifty-word-story, that story will automatically be entered. Using the below button to create will automatically enter your creation into the contest.

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