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Falling Into Autumn Story Contest

As summer fades away, temperatures get a little colder, and leaves start turning shades of yellow, orange, and brown... it's time to get creative and get to writing!

Welcome to the Fall Into Autumn Commaful Writing Contest!

For this contest, we're doing something different and providing a set of templates for you to use. Please read the rules for more details regarding this contest.

September 13th 2021, 7:00 am ~ September 24th 2021, 9:00 pm (your time zone)


1. At least 1 out of the 9 provided templates must be used in the story you're creating. You're free to use more (or even all of the templates) in your story... or not. We just require the use of one.
2. You can grab and comix the provided templates here: https://commaful.com/play...
3. To use the Comix feature: Use the dropdown arrow and click "Use images." Doing this will grab the images but not any of the text.
4. No specific word count or frame count is required. Any genre is welcome as well. Whether poetry or a story is also up to you. The sky is the limit in terms of creativity and expression.
5. Please make sure that the story follows the general community guidelines (no hate towards specific people, groups, religion, no plagiarism or copying, keep it strictly PG-13, etc.)
6. Please tag all stories entered into the contest with #FallingIntoAutumn2021.

Please also support other creators and the community by reading and voting on the stories you loved!

1. The contest will run from September 10 to September 24, 2021 at 2:00 PM PST. No late submissions will be accepted.
2. The Commaful team will judge based on creativity, uniqueness of the story, overall impact, community feedback. Your votes and comments count towards determining the winner but will not be the overall deciding factor.
3. Winners will be announced on September 30 so stay tuned!


Winner Gets:

1. Shoutout on the Commaful official account and Discord server.
2. Featured Creator on Commaful Social Media Accounts..
3. Story Feature on Commaful and Social Media Accounts.
4. Cover Image/Illustration

Top 3 Stories / Honorable Mentions:
1. Featured Creator on Commaful Social Media Accounts
2. Story Feature on Commaful Social Media Accounts

Submission Info

If you tag an eligible story with#fallingintoautumn2021, that story will automatically be entered. Using the below button to create will automatically enter your creation into the contest.

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