Free Learning Resources For Literature, Reading, and Writing During The COVID-19 Quarantine

The coronavirus has hit everyone in one way or another. We are all facing unprecedented challenges. From students to writers to parents to teachers, everybody is dealing with their own unique challenges during this time of craziness.

Here at Commaful, we’ve seen firsthand that many students and writers are hungry to learn and improve during this time with creators taking online courses, practicing their writing skills on the site, and more.

We’ve seen the storytelling world really come together and step up to provide resources, tutorials, and more to those stuck at home in this uncertain times. To those looking for additional resources to improve at writing, storytelling, or simply to read a great book, we’ve compiled some of the most useful free tools and deals. Check them out!

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Resources For storytellers And Readers

  • Commaful’s Bite-Sized Storytelling Show: Bite-sized advice on short stories, poetry, writer’s block, and more. Each episode is less than 10 minutes long and designed to help you learn the art of storytelling!
  • ClassCentral: Free classes from top universities around the world.
    • Film: Learn about screenwriting, film, and Hollywood
    • Literature: From Shakespeare to poetry, you’ll find it all here.
    • Grammar and Writing: Great courses on all types of writing from fiction to essays to research papers
    • Journalism: Learn about new media, journalism, and more
  • Libby: Free digital books from your local library. Thousands of books and ebooks that you can access across all your devices, all for free!
  • Imagineering In A Box: Learn the art of storytelling from the masters at Disney!
  • Virtual Book Events: Take part in virtual book conferences for some real hands-on learning and inspiration
  • OpenCulture: 800 free ebooks on a variety of topics, including many of the classics.
  • Walt Whitman Archive: An archive of Whitman’s works. Great reads, bios, and more.
  • Hello Sunshine Book Club: take part in a virtual book club led by Reese Witherspoon.
  • LightSail: Free access to thousands of books on this literary platform for impacted teachers and parents
  • StoryCorps: Daily stories that help uplift spirits
  • Booklist: Booklist is free for now – use it to discover some great books!

Resources For Parents And Educators

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