Making Films And Writing Books With Author Reyna Young

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About Reyna Young

I run Last Doorway Productions, an indie film company along with my husband, John. I write, Direct and Act. I have been writing my Monsters book series for kids through Black Bed sheet Books along with an all female anthology book called, A Scream in the Night. I recently published my Novella, Welcome Home Natalie through Demain Publishing. I also self published my kids book, The Pumpkin Man of Hallow Falls. Illustrated by Jason Dube of Scattered Comics, it was a dream of mine to create a kids picture book and cannot wait to do another one.

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How And When Did You Get Started Writing?

When I was a little girl, I was into horror and horror books were my thing. Starting with Goosebumps, I sought out to read any and all I can get my hands on. I began at a young age creating my own stories in binders and creating the book cover and back cover myself as well with crayons and markers. Writing has always been an escape for me, something I need to get out of reality for awhile. Having a way with words to scare people is fun to me, it brings me joy knowing someone slept with the lights on because of me.

What Does Literary Success Look Like To You?

To me, literary success is doing what you love and not caring about the money or the fame that can come with it. If you love writing then write and don’t expect anything else, just do what you love. That to me is success!

What Actionable Tips And Tricks Do You Have For New Writers That They Can Apply Now On Their Journey As Budding Writers?

Don’t listen to the negative ones who try to bring you down or tell you to try doing something else because writing isn’t for you. Keep going, read more, write more and eventually you’ll find your groove. Block out everyone and everything and do you. Been there, done that and glad I didn’t listen to any of them.

What Are Common Traps For Aspiring Writers?

Don’t over think, get out of your head and write what you want, let it come out naturally. Don’t try to sound like a certain author or a certain book. Thinking that, that’s what people want. Write what you want to write and how you want to write it, that is what people want to read.

If You Could Tell Your Younger Writing Self Anything, What Would It Be?

Not to listen to the negative people I had in my life back in the day who told me to move on and do something else. Who told me I had no future in anything, basically. I regret that for a long time I stopped writing and doing things I loved all because I listened to those who made me feel like crap in the first place. I would get rid of all around me who didn’t deserve my friendship.

What Are Your Favorite Books? Fiction And/ Or Non-Fiction?

Anything Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King’s Misery, Frankenstein, The Haunting of Hill House, Dexter Book Series, R. L Stine’s Goosebumps and there’s lots more but just to name a few.

Anything You’d Like To Plug?

Check out my website at

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