Getting Her First Poem Published At Just 10 Years Old With Poet Arya Shrestha

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About Arya Shrestha

I am a 15 year old girl living in the quiet town of Nepal. From a young age i have been quite interested in the world and how people are able to portray it as art. I am also a huge lover of the nature and i stay close to it through cycling where i follow the wind’s footsteps or maybe it follows mine. My creative work started here in commaful actually. This is the first site i had shared my works and it has been a completely life changing ride for me. I got the chance to witness the world wider than the Himalayas of Nepal.

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How And When Did You Get Started Writing?

I started creating from a very young age. My mother used to motivate me to write anything for the ‘child’s section’ in our local newspaper. And the thought of being published and having others read my works intrigued me. When i was of 10 years i first got my poem published. I’ve been creating ever since then.

What Does Literary Success Look Like To You?

When one reachs the point at life where they feel complete, where they are doing the things that they like as a career, as a lifestyle, moving along with the people that are the dearest, that is success to me. Success to me is being the best version of ourselves.

What Actionable Tips And Tricks Do You Have For New Writers That They Can Apply Now On Their Journey As Budding Writers?

Try to interact with others as much as possible. This will help not only widen your chances but will also give you an opportunity to learn.
I feel that right now, there are thousands of creaters and most of them are struggling for the recognition, even i am. So you should try to be as the most unique version of yourself- the version that will leave eveyone in awe.

What Are Common Traps For Aspiring Writers?

Sometimes in the process of creating and publishing your works, one might get obsessed with the number of likes and unconsciously let the likes determine your works. You might get swayed away with the likes. This is something even i had been caught in.
There will also be times when you want to give up because you dont get the result as you expected but you must always push yourself. At times, our thoughts turn out to the trap itself. But you must always believe that you can get out of these traps gracefully.

If You Could Tell Your Younger Writing Self Anything, What Would It Be?

I would tell her that no matter how badly i mess up, there are always going to better times ahead. Actually, those moments that i regret will turn out to be the changing point of my life. I would tell her to always smile and keep her head up high no matter what the demons inside say.

What Are Your Favorite Books? Fiction And/ Or Non-Fiction?

The fault in our stars‘, ‘The secret Garden‘, ‘And the mountains echoed‘ are some of my favourites that i could honestly read over and over again.

Anything You’d Like To Plug?
Just my favourite song. (Nepali)

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