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The Negativity of an Expectancy  dissapointment stories

The Negativity of an Expectancy

when your high point is rock bottom, maybe its just best to live forgotten.
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Mrs Tesla electricity stories

Mrs Tesla

Inspired by the wonderful Carol Ann Duffy, this poem tells the story of what it would be like to be the wife of Nikola Tesla - a genius of a man who shut out all of those around him so that he could f...
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neshasharing things i write on some site
Summer 17 growth stories

Summer 17

I took this time off to get away. To realize that, solitude isn't such a bad thing.
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Welcoming Mark Anthony love2016 stories

Welcoming Mark Anthony

when mark anthony shows up at your doorstep, you have two options: tell him to fuck off or fuck you. betrayal runs deep but so does love, so when the two collide, which mad dog survives?
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Twist the Loose Ends poetry stories

Twist the Loose Ends

for the people who leave and the ones who knew it all along hold each other in your hearts and together you will move on (for my teacher and the woman she will get to be)
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