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ivoryannaliseCommabassadorWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
Spirited Away in GIFS anime stories

Spirited Away in GIFS

Whether you feel in love with Japanese, English, or other voices, it isn't hard to know that this movie is a timeless piece for all who hold dear those fantastical worlds beyond.
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dynamoCommunity member
How Does BB-8 From Star Wars Work? star wars stories

How Does BB-8 From Star Wars Work?

There are lots of theories going around on how the BB-8 droid from Star Wars works. One theory is putting an over-sized hamster in the ball and dangling food in front of him. Yes - that's possible! ...
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petervdanielsMaking the Journey, Damn good Butler,
The Cog In our society....... animation stories

The Cog In our society.......

If your still trying to find a path in life, your not alone, only God knows, your still the decision maker and God leads anyway. Were all in this together trust your gut and keep praying and or medit...
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