When the Rain Fell

When the Rain Fell horror stories
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Short dystopian fic

When the Rain Fell

On October 24, 2021, Earth's water cycle just stopped. Rain no longer fell and rivers began to dry up. There was a global drought that caused millions to die.

It took 350 days for the water to return, but the damage was done. Governments had fallen and people had abandoned hope.

As the water returned, other things started to happen too. Tornados surged across lands and hurricanes ravaged cities. To put it very simply, the weather was out to get everyone.

One family, in particular, tried to survive. They hid in bunkers before being forced to scour what once was civilization just for a scrap of medicine or food.

Their daughter was the first to go, lost to disease. Then the father was taken after trying to save the rest of them from the desperate wildlife.

The mother was killed after being crushed in an earthquake.

Their son was the last one standing, but all in vain.

For what kinda life could you lead if you have to claw your way through every challenge? Is food worth it if it means that you may just be stealing another person's last hope?

Can you allow yourself to walk under the sun if it means you cannot save anyone else? So the son was the last to go, taking his own life.

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