A Perfect Child
A Perfect Child perfect stories

zubeen_ahmad I write to describe my own state of mind
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This poem describes two different stages of a child where he was obedient and use to listen to his mother. In the other phase he is grown up now and became a stoner and asking himself a question. "Is he still a perfect child?'

A Perfect Child

I use to wake up at 6 after a tiring day The warm shower charges me up, cherry on top were scotch eggs and tea in my cup

After looking here and there, my momma use to comb my hairs

I had nothing to hide, cause I was a perfect child

Time passed by, waking up late is something that I can't deny

Elixir kicks off my day, cubebs and reefer I smoke all day

Long hairs are still combed, not by my momma but on my own

I still have nothing to hide, but am I a perfect child? Zubeen

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