7 Things To Expect While Studying Psychology
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7 Things To Expect While Studying Psychology

1. People will think that you could read mind if you tell them you study psychology unless they are also a psychology student. You will always get the question “What do you think I am thinking?”

2. You learn a lot of theories and concepts that help organize your preconceived ideas.

3. You will be assigned a lot of readings.

4. You will learn about Sigmund Freud

5. You may end up self-diagnosing yourself especially when taking abnormal psychology class.

6. You will learn to question everything people say from a research standpoint. Is there evidence for that? What studies have proven this?

7. You may start to realize that learning psychology is not about learning to help people, but research

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This was really cute and clever. And it is so true. You wrote your message in a non-pedantic style which was impressive. Great post!!!!