Gothom City of Scars
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People say: 'If Gothoms got the bat, why is it like that?'

Gothom City of Scars

People say: 'If Gothoms got the bat, why is it like that?' There are just a few reasons, if it isn't being gassed on occasion by the Joker, or being shot at by Penguins thugs.

It would be something else, those historians who comb the archives and peoples basements could tell you a theory. Its like something in the ground, the air, the water itself.

You see, people throw about the law of separation. If you do good things to seven people, then those seven people do the same for seven more people. And so on till world peace.

But Gothom is the other way 'round. You take someone late to his job, he screams at his secretary. That secretary in turn well, they don't tip their watriess.

That waitress is about to get mugged, but she has a gun. Kills the guy. See? Simple.

Gothom from the very beginning has been this way, all the way back when it was nothing more then a dirty port town for those not rich enough for New York.

As it grew so did this, sometimes quiet little ills, but always there. You can see it, even now. Even with the Bat and all his people running around the roofs and streets.

Quiet little things, scurrying about, like rats.

The story starts like a lot of things, with a murder. A little girl witnessed it, as her mother was tortured to death, hidden in a cupboard.

The only light the single one, and the only sounds of torture. Her mother had a gift of magic, and through that, created something that could render anything, or anyone invisible.

Someone wanted it, but it couldn't be found, through paper or torture.

When the last bit of blood dried, she crept out, and then wandered the streets.

It seems strange to think if someone saw a child covered in dried blood in a vertical streak could wander for hours until they were picked up. But it was that way in Gothom.

Just another kid with a dead mom and another unsolved murder. One of thousands that happened over the years. But not every kid has a butler, or money.

Gothom is full of people like that, those that get hurt, and go on to hurt. Whether its from someone like Joker thugs, or rolling low on a casino, everyone gets hurt eventually.

Then they pay it back, and in a city of millions, there is always enough hurt to go around.

"K." she stated and let the phone down frowning down at it. The young man next to her shrugged.

"Jesus what the **** did you do to gain the attention of the Ghoul?" he asked. She shrugged.

"Nothin. I'm gonna bounce, remember..." the young man scoffed holding up his hand and mocking her.

"I din't see ya." he mouthed with her. She grabbed a thick coat and gave a look around the room before they headed down and out.

Just as she started out, a small time gangster walked up past her with a briefcase.

"PATCHES! Lookin fer some info on Joker?" she heard and lingered.

"You's nows me!" the older man called. "My boss wans to know if he can get a little bit of extra scratch on insurance." She nodded, and left the young man, it was just a average thing to do.

There was a thriving business in insurance in Gothom. They had plenty of plans that included everyone, from the Unlikely Mr. Freeze to the much more likely burglary.

Heading out of the small brownstone tucked into one of Gothom's side streets, yet a still lingering hangover from a 'better' age as older people put it she walked out.

There was no need to glance around, no need to keep an eye out.

"See ya gallie!" called a homeless man, someone they paid to keep watch out for the police and goons.

She waved to him and climbed down into the subway along with a group of people heading into work. But something prickled on the back of her neck.

She only glanced up and around when the subway came in, and spotted them. You can spot anyone who wasn't from Gothom, or hasn't been there long.

It usually takes about a month or more to settle in, but she saw them.

And they saw her, she climbed into the subway car and reached up grabbing one of the handles as they crowded up in with the other seventy passengers there.

Bruce Wayne had recently been able to make all public transport free, leaving many more people on the cars then there were usually.

Just as the doors pinged to shut she slid out and then glanced back, the three tried to climb out with her, but they were stuck in the car.

Without a glance back she walked up the stairs, and stalled near the top. Another two were on the top stair speaking lowly into a sleeve.

"Look, he just wants to talk face to face." one said. She blinked, and nodded.

"Don't squr-" he stepped down, and she leapt onto the railing and slid down, diving into the platform below and headed into the tunnel of the subway without a word.

Swearing followed her and she froze in a small hollow. A small rippling passed over her skin, and she vanished from view.

One of the men hopped down, looked right at the hollow pulling out a flashlight and shining it down into the tunnel and below in the small hollow between the tracks.

"Looks like she's gone." he said and hopped up back onto the platform with a grunt. "Ability confirmed, we would have seen her running. Likely target is still in the area." he stated lowly.

"I'm telling you if you are here, he just wants to talk." he said more loudly. She didn't move.

"Female, aged maybe 15 to twenty, blond, blue eyed. About one hundred pounds or less." he said lowly as she exited, and looked them over.

They looked like any thug you might see on the side of the street. She slowly pushed herself onto the platform as they spoke to their sleeves. "Ability, invisibility, no sir.

I did not witness it directly." She let out a slow and very quiet breath before walking with no noise back up the stairs.

After what felt like hours of evading a few more people she stood staring down at the roofs of buildings.

Going underground was not something she enjoyed the thought of, but it most likely would be needed until the Ghouls thugs left her alone. Gone up the ghost.

She watched as one shadow moved and smiled, watching as Batman slowly looked out into an alley. There was nothing happening just yet, but there was a small group of people.

Her heart raced as she watched, he dropped down like a liquid shadow and in the middle of the men. One swore loud enough for her to hear.

But he quickly beat them down, a gun fired off into the brick wall and she ducked down to be safe. Heart racing she stared up at the sky that was nothing but comforting grey darkness.

She had never seen the stars say for on blackouts, and those were usually the cause of violence. She swallowed down, and looked back over the edge watching as he interrogated on thug.

Obviously to little effect, most people knew he wouldn't do worse to you then beat you to a pulp. One of the men ran into the building she was on top of and she looked back to the Batman.

On the way down she grabbed a smelly hoodie and pulled it closed around her face. The man was easy to find, he was panting in a stairwell.

She felt the rippling over her body, and he glanced up, but she stalled it at halfway. Taking a breath in she screamed as loud as she could, and then vanished.

The man scrambled up, backing into a corner as she watched the effect through the small hole of the hoodie. "OH GOD **** ME." he breathed out.

She grinned slowly walking down and not paying head to the stairs that creaked, making sure he knew she was coming down.

He wet himself, as she faded back into view, reaching for him. "WHAT. HAVE YOU DONE." she stated lowly, hissing out the words like the parodies of the batman on the television.

She touched his shoulder and he slumped down holding his head in his hands.

"Dock fourteen! **** Please, please I'm sorry." he fainted and she stared down at him. She let the hoodie pull back out, and pulled the smelly fabric off.

No one was in the building or if they were they didn't see her. Slowly she edged out, and passed by one thug struggling to get away and glanced back to where the Batman was.

He tossed the thug away, and she grimaced, looking up to him. He only glanced to her, and then grabbed something.

"WAIT!" she held up her hands as he froze. "I heard the one in that building..." she gestured behind her.

"He said he had to get to the docs, I think, thirteen? Maybe fourteen, one of them there." She tried to look honest, but he merely left without a word.

"Please! I am telling the truth!" she yelled after him.

She let out a sigh, so much for that, she looked over towards where the docs would be and headed directly for them.

Sliding through allies, sometimes no more then a single person passageway she got to the edge of the docs closer to the thirties then the teens.

She edged down towards fourteen and didn't hear anything that could be close to the batman or anyone one of his friends.

She hunched behind a large concrete pillar and watched at doc fifteen. She let the rippling go over her, and witnessed what was happening.

To anyone not from Gothom it looked like just a late shipment. Pamazon boxes were being passed between men, who were loading them onto a mail truck.

She edged out, shadows didn't fall from her, but she got close enough to know that it was likely drugs, maybe some weapons from the noises the boxes made.

The bat was sill not in sight, she slipped into one of the doc houses and dialed 911.

"Hello? Gothom PD." she heard and tossed the phone into the corner with as much violence as she could muster. That should get someone's attention, and she left, letting the men do whatever.

It was no longer her problem, and the fact the Bat didn't believe her didn't mean anything.

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