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I'm at a block Nothing is got

Deadened Detours

I'm at a block

Nothing is got

Not even me

I'm at a loss

Not of myself

But of my health

Along with mental

Elemental realms

My lids are the curtain

Masters of relieving burdens

Of expected immersions

To be the version of some person

I'm uncertain

My insertion

Of interconversion

Supports my overexertion

I'm nervous

Going versus

The difference in purpose

In times of adversus

Yet my surface

Is urgent

It's a serpent

That prefers to converge

Ophidians observed,

Slithered limbless like a worm

Very unconcerned

With the disturbs of the blurred

Obscure, for sure

The majority was lured

And assured a brochure

Mapped only with detours

What a tour

To endure

A heavy vapour

Fragrance titled "insecure"

In particular

I'm dissimilar

I'm the solicitor

I'm the administer

I'm the speaker and the listener

Ready for the inquisitors

To Break all perimeters

Of this wall, and become an elicitor.

Don't just be a visitor.

I'm withered, embittered

Please, I know you'll reconsider

Once you see our similarities inward.

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