L o n e l y
L o n e l y scary stories

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For the prompt, lonely.

L o n e l y

She felt wrong

Elisa felt weird when Thomas led her to the old house across the street.

It felt wrong.

He brought something sharp and shiny with him.

Elisa was scared.

He trapped her

He plunged the sharp, shiny thing into her chest

Her blood spilled

It stained his hands

It stained her new, blue dress she had gotten that day

Elisa died

Thomas covered it up and moved on

He had a family

Elisa didnt move on

She stayed

Thomas came back to that place and saw Elisa

Elisa, with her neat, blood-stained blue dress

She had gotten that dress that day

Elisa with her neat, blonde hair

It had curls in it

Elisa with anger on her eyes

She lunged at him like he had done to her all those years ago

And his blood spilled

And it stained her hands

Now she can't move on

Anger fills her soul

Fills her eyes

It ruined her

She lives in that house now

She's lonely


Regrets killing Thomas

Can you forgive her?

Can you become her friend?

Sacrifice your life

Your soul

Just for her?

She's lonely

Will you join her?

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