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Crowpaw, an ex-kittypet who became a savior in ThistleClan. This is her story.



This story is in Crowpaw's POV



▪The World I Lived In▪

I remember how it smelled, how it felt, what it was like to be alive in that place.

My mother, Addie, a beautiful calico she-cat, told me stories of what it felt to live outside the world I lived in, and I was scared of the outside world.

I never wanted to leave, until we had to.

▪When We Left▪

The reason we left was due to some tom-cats coming in and pushing us out. There were four cats that left with me and my mother. I dont remember any of them, except for one. Vaguely, though.

They were a dark brown tabby with a white muzzle and tail. I knew that we wouldn't survive, so I didnt take time to know them.

▪The Flood▪

The river flooded that night as we slept beneath the stars. My mother was pregnant with kits. Neither they or her survived. No one survived.

I was only a five moons, but I do remember the cold, muddy water mixed with dirt and sticks, the sharp rocks, the deep breaths I took as my head sunk under the water.

I remember being stuck, the feeling of serenity under the rushing water. It was, peaceful. As if I was freed from a prison that I had been stuck in.

That moment lasted a second, but it felt like eternity. My eyes closed, and and I kept go of the little air I had left in my lungs.


Something woke me up from my dream-like state, something pulling me out of the water, dragging me to shore. I coughed up every single bit of water and collapsed.

I took huge breaths, larger than anything. They brought me to ThistleClan. They gave me the name of Crowkit, as I had no name before.

I was raised by a kind she-cat name Firedawn, and I became a medicine cat apprentice. I became good friends with the cat who saved me, and I stood by them as they died.

Their name was Silverpatch, a old tom. He died a peaceful death, something my mother was never granted. Seven other cats from that clan died along side my mother.


I was taught about StarClan, and now I know my mother walks along the stars with our ancestors. Since I've became a medicine cat apprentice, I've had my first dream about StarClan.

My mother came forward, and said how proud of me she was.


How strange life is, it seems.

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