How long has it been?
How long has it been? death stories

zombie_taco ~existance is simply complicated poetry~
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Loss is one of the great pains that the living need to endure, yearning for someone who has passed is a normal human response and your feelings are valid.

How long has it been?

Memory, vivid Her face seared into your brain Dreams consume your sleep Peace seems so far away

Palpitations Swimming in your chest Clenching at your words Stinging on your wrists

It’s been hours, no months, maybe years How long has it been? Since she told you her fears? Since she cried in your hands? Breathed in her atmosphere?

Guilt, it gnaws at your insides Knowing that maybe she’d still be alive If you read into the signs Deciphered the code Went to her rescue Like every time before

She’s gone And you are Drowning in the nothingness Sinking into the tar In pain but still breathing It’s okay that you’re still grieving

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