Say Hey, Hello
Say Hey, Hello dark stories

zoeycrimson Casual Dark Poetry
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When one wishes for others to see the shadows within.

Say Hey, Hello

Say "Hey, hello please follow me"

Hear me and begin to see

Allow the fallacy, and it shall be!

Stare in my eyes, my soul inside

Here in which hate conceived

As the fears talk and hope does hide

Any semblance is now deceived!

So say it with me "Hey, hello please follow me"

It is anxiety I wish you to see!

"What's wrong with your heart, what could it be!"


I scream HEY, hello please follow me!

I desire to show the PTSD

My eyes, my eyes....

And I scream HEY, hello please follow me!

I wish to yank her feed!

Then I whisper hey, hello please follow me...

I ask leave my soul be!

Why oh why, the dream hath die

WHY to how the soul was gone

Why to yes my introspect is shy

Why my answer to be is I was dead all ALONG!

And thus I demand you say "Hey, hello please follow me!"

And watch the little girl struggle to be . . .

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