Passing of time
Passing of time sad stories

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I swear this month has chewed me up And spit me out

Passing of time

I swear this month has chewed me up

And spit me out

And I’m so broken I can’t even

Make the right words come out of my mouth

I have no tears left and feel cold as I can

Living the true story of a broken man

Do I need to lay down right in the middle of the street.

Getting trampled by thousands of feet

Feeling nothing but hurt and defeat

Feeling alone and all together beat

And I can’t shut my eyes

Cause I’m scared of what I see

I’m scared to open them because I fear I’ll see me.

My bones get weak with the passing of time

And I swear if I hear you’ll be fine one more time

I’ll make up my mind when I get to feel fine

When I get to proceed with my story line by line

Where is the breaking point. When does it go up hill

Where does my story start to make me smile.

Do I ignore things and live in denial

Or face my demons head on during these trials.

I want to see your face and know that you’re okay

I have endless replays of the other day

When I promised you another today.

When I told you not to worry because I always stay

Then then wind shifted and the thought began to sway

That things may be about to change

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