A Tale of Two Cities
A Tale of Two Cities charlesdickens stories

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recalled to life.

A Tale of Two Cities

The woman I love is the symbol of light

I'll see if I am recalled to life

but etched in the cobblestone are scars of the flood

and open wounds turn wine to blood.


I twist the echo at my mother's request

of a life before mine that put mine to the test

a curse on my blood will soon be fulfilled

at its behest my wife's husband is killed

in a fight to the death between good and evil

my fate is sealed with a knitting needle

by one who once spilled the flood of wine

when a reign of terror turns back the time

and my story repeats on another date

now blue flies hum eulogies of carrion they ate

the death of my tombstone is but devil's bait

and to my dismay, Every Man sealed my fate.

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