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6 Slides about Zoe stories

zoeolsonCommunity member
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My first story.

6 Slides about Zoe

by zoeolson

I grew up in Los Gatos, California.

Growing up here was interesting because I was surrounded by tech. The excitement within the industry as well as the passion behind startups specifically, really stuck with me..

In my spare time I run.

I initially got into this because it is healthy, and helps me focus!.

My proudest moment was when

I traveled alone across the U.S. to a University for a women's code conference. I then transformed what I learned into real results at my school, and took on a leadership role. .

I want this because I believe improving business operations and function is key to improving people's lives, as well as creating a better world..

Now, I am a student.

I study mathematics, computer science, & business.

I'm looking forward to attending my next conference.

I'm excited about this because meeting people excited about technology, business, & how these improve our world, energizes me. It allows me to visualize my future & the industry’s future..

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Thanks! Yes grace hopper was one of them

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