I Should Have Known
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zoe1157 Poet. Southern Girl. Word Nerd.
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When you're stuck in the one place you never wanted to be

I Should Have Known

by zoe1157

I should have known The color blue meant taking steps

That mirrors meant changing weather And a toll would be exacted For every kiss

I should have known That gray meant red and A debt of sweet words Meant payment in sharp edges

That movement buys a moment' rest And nothing costs more than approval

I should have turned aside your whispers Made strong the voice you cut with disdain I should have broken from the wind that stripped my leaves

Fortunes dwindle and white lies come home to roost Promises only balm the sting Of drawing breath

I should have known you would leave It was painted on my sky every morning A bitter sunshine that told me the truth of who you were

Words are bright creatures Warm and resonant but Only if you choose to listen I should have known

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