Moving On
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znirp07Golf Lima
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Moving On

by Golf Lima

What is life without you?

There are things came out of the blue.

For the first few weeks,

It was hard and it makes me week.

I'm alone and it was lonely,

Coz I'm used to be with my one and only.

Tears shed on my pillow during sleepless nights,

Hoping everything will be alright.

As time flies by,

Soon I realize.

There was nothing to keep,

Coz our memories are full of shits.

Everything was only a game,

You play with my feelings for fame.

It was hard to believe,

But it is what I received.

For the good things I did,

I was supersede

Now it's time to let go,

This heart full of sorrows.

I will move on and accept,

All the things I didn't expect.

I will stand up and rise again.

And give my life the things that I deserve.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
See this is exactly why I keep trying to tell you, young people. "Your one and only" caused the problem. It should have been your "one in many". Didn't you learn anything from the Borgs? This was beautifully written. Your message was carried to the reader so as to give me insight into your painful feelings. Great job!!! Now listen to "Granddad" Next time you fall in love, fall in love with about three gus at the same time. If one does you dirty, you still have the other two to console you.