Lost in Love
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Lost in Love

by Golf Lima

We were so in love,

I can see it in your eyes.

Those sparks, when you stare at me

The excitement, when we're about to see each other.

And those tears,

when you're afraid to lose me .

I can hear you breathing,

And it links both our minds and body.

It makes me calm and releases fear,

It also gives me wisdom, courage, and strength.

I can feel your lips,

Those sweet kisses

When you whisper those three words,

"I love you!"

You let me feel that I' am loved.

And that smile with full of desires. It makes me fall again and again.

I can feel your touch,

It drives me crazy.

Those tender embrace,

The way you hold my hands,

It makes me feel that I' am not alone

And you don't want to let go.

You make me feel so wanted

You make me feel loved

You make me feel so important

but then..

Someone better came along.

And now I' am lost in love.

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