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Does He?

by Golf Lima

Are you blinded by love?

Seeing all the good things. Always looking at the bright side and ignoring all the shadows.

Too much brightness?

You only thought it was light. When you are only fooled by the fake luminescent night.

You have done your part.

Taking risks, sacrificing things, and keep fighting for it.

You thought it was a chance,

So taking risks wouldn't matter. Because you believe something better might happen.

Giving up the things you value most.

Because you thought it could be replaced by something enormous and exceptional.

Consequently, you fight for it.

Because you thought it was worth it.

Now, let me ask you.

Does he do the same things as you did?

Did he do something to fight for your love?

Or he was just a spectator, watching and waiting how the story ends.

If he's not doing anything to keep you,

then why are you fighting to stay?

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