Two Unlikely Companions Part 1
Two Unlikely Companions 
Part 1 affection stories

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I thought teasing girls was a primary school tactic. Just goes to show you that boys never grow up!

Two Unlikely Companions Part 1

by zmcstories

I sit here in my chair and watch the world go by.

I know that I will never go back home.

"Would you like some water Mrs Fitzpatrick?" the assistant offers. I accept and take the glass, my thoughts a thousand miles away.

Have I lived a good life?

That's not for me to judge.

But all I know is that - Ahhh shit I feel wet.

Did I wet myself again? It was one time I swear!

I feel myself over and then look to my glass which had now been knocked over. Some asshole had spilled it on me!

I look around and see one man's face smirking back at me.

"Hey oldie!" I called out. He looked away.

Eurgh was he not going to apologise?! I mean he should, it's the gentlemanly way.

But he wasn't a gentleman. He was an asshole!

"Answer me!" I shouted. Still no response. Fine, if you want an asshole I'll be an asshole.

I flipped the bird.

Any trace of my old age wisdom had long since gone. I mean I didn't have much time to win arguments anymore, so why not win the ones I had now?

I expected him to tell me off. As my last husband said, ladies don't swear, ladies stay quiet and don't draw attention to themselves. That's why I divorced his ass.

But instead he laughed.

It was a hearty guffaw which lack any type of self consciousness, and it made me blush to see the attention we had gathered from the other residents.

I retreated into my seat as he winked at me and left the room. From now on I would not give him the satisfaction of my presence.

As each day passed and I settled into my routine, the mysterious man was nowhere to be found. Where was he? I was supposed to be ignoring him, not the other way round!

I summoned over the assistant who got me my water.

"Mrs Fitzpatrick you're only supposed to use that button in emergencies," she tutted. "It is an emergency! Some guy spilled my water on me," I indignantly defended myself.

She struggled to contain her smile, "Point me towards him and I'll make him apologise." I shook my head, "I don't want that, I just want to find him."

She looked around, "I'll let you know when I find him, so you just relax." And then she walked away.

I started to pick up my favourite book and once again become lost in the world of sordid love affairs and true romance. It was a good way to distract me from my thoughts, and him.

"Looking for me were you?" I turned around to find the mischievous stranger walking towards me. Mother. Fucker.

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