The life of a commuter
The life of a commuter city stories

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Rinse and repeat until we do not exist.

The life of a commuter

by zmcstories

Life can be cruel. Life can be kind.

But is there anything worse than losing your mind?

Drowning in a world full of debt and sorrow.

Thinking to yourself, "Do I have enough energy to live for tomorrow?"

You walk through the streets as the rain patters down.

Matching your mood, and increasing your frown.

You step into the carriage with masses of people alone.

Those that are isolating themselves with their phones.

You take a deep breath, and check your notifications.

So that you can get your hourly validation.

That you are wanted, you are needed.

You need to remain living, and keep breathing.

For the numbers that stack up increase

And thus allows you to release

All the tension throughout the day

Built up from people that wore away

Your patience of which you had little to begin with

But had now been reduced to a hair's width.

You shut your eyes as your thoughts start to spiral.

And now the train has reached its arrival.

So you must run, make pace!

For there can only be first place.

Even though we are all just animals making our way.

That never stops the cloud of grey looming as we check out for the day.

Because we will be back

Each and every day

Until we aren't

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