Respect my Rejection
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A standard lesson on how to be a decent human being.

Respect my Rejection

by zmcstories

Do you really think that if I'm in a relationship that I'm not going to tell them everything that you're trying to do?

Like trying to message me on Facebook even after I tell you I'm taken.

Or trying to come onto me right in front of him?

Do you really think that disrespecting the commitment of exclusivity I have made is really going to change my mind?

Or make me more attracted to you?

Why does your crush matter more than my sense of personal space?

Why do you think you get to have me just because you're putting yourself out there?

It doesn't work like that.

Maybe this seems cruel, and no it's not aimed at just one person.

But over the course of three years I have had to use my boyfriend as protection from those that want what they can't have.

When men ask my boyfriend if they want a threesome (yes this actually happened.)

When I'm out dancing with my friends and not him, I get squeezed, touched and caressed all without my permission.

No I never want a stranger's hands all over me.

Maybe you'll read this and think I'm being melodramatic.

I mean it doesn't always happen, there are nights where everything is calm with or without him.

But every time that some guy tries to put his arms around me in a not-so-friendly-way.

Every time that I have to mention my boyfriend in the first five minutes of a conversation just in case they don't know.

Every time they simply don't care unless he's there to watch over me.

It's a stark reminder that I alone, cannot protect myself from everyone.

When your boyfriend has to act as a bodyguard for you, it makes you feel two things.

Sadness that it has to come to this.

And sadness for those that don't have that protection.

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