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A spontaneous date is not always what it seems.

One Shot

by zmcstories

Imagine that you were home on a Saturday night. Nothing unusual, just wanted to be lazy and relax for once. I mean the working week is always hectic.

You settle down with a glass of your favourite drink, and begin to watch the show that you'd been saving just for this moment. "Relax!" your mind tells you, "this is your time now."

As time passes, you see flashing messages on your phone. But you choose to ignore them. One of the many privileges of being single was that you didn't have anyone to answer to.

But then you see a notification from Tinder. You have a match! Maybe you'll have something to do this evening.

You look at their profile and remember why you swiped right. Ahh yes he was the man who loved animals and had a nice smile to match. You sure know how to pick them when you're alone and bored.

With the TV on pause, you begin to message him. Who doesn't love a lady in charge! YOU: Hey. That sounded pretty good right? Not too desperate. Surely he'll answer?

But you don't get a reply. Instead you see the phone ringing. Unknown Number.

You look at it for a while, and then click accept. Hey maybe he was more of a direct person!

"Is this Peter?" you say uncertainly. He laughs, but doesn't answer your question. "Do you wanna do something tonight?" he asks.

Now you look at your situation. You have a nice sitting room, a TV that's begging for your attention, and less awkwardness. Do you really want to say yes?

"Drinks are on me," he offers. You think about it a little longer. You can always just stay for one and go! You take a deep breath and choose to accept his offer.

You tell him where your address is and he's on his way. Now you're starting to regret your decision. Was it really wise to let him know where you live? Maybe you should have met him there?

I mean he didn't even tell you his name! But how else would he have gotten your number?! You may look bored but your nerves are out of control.

But he arrives at your house, and things seem okay. He's chatting as he drives and you're in the passenger seat nodding whilst subtly looking for potential weapons and ways out just in case.

But you get into the bar unscathed. Hey you made it! He takes you to a table and orders your drinks. Just as he said, they were on him.

You look at the drink you asked for, a classy Gin and tonic, and slowly start to open up to the man opposite you. Turns out, he's actually a teacher!

You start to tell him about your 9-5 job. Hopefully you'll be able to move on soon! And he agrees, he says it would be healthy to get away for a little bit.

You look at him again, he's funny, charming and easy on the eye. Why did he go onto Tinder to meet a date? But as you think it, the drink gets to you, and you inadvertently say it out loud.

His face darkens, and you immediately apologise. How stupid can you be? ! He shrugs it off, and changes the topic of conversation. But to be honest, you can't concentrate anymore.

He says cheers, but you don't know what he's talking about. You feel woozy.

You try to excuse yourself to the bathroom but you can't talk. And when you end up trying to stand, you fall over.

You're on the floor and you can't control anything. Even your bladder. As you feel the wetness, even in your state you think how embarrassing this all is.

Your date brings you some water but it tastes horrible. He insists you drink it. And you do.

"I'm just going to take her home guys," he says to the staff. They nod, they still have to clear your mess up.

He takes you outside and it's night time. He puts you in his car and you caress the window as you close your eyes. The last thing you see is his face.

But then you wake up. His breath is hot and heavy in your ear and his fingers are dangerously close to your breast. He's somehow straddling you, and he moans as he grabs your hair.

You try to scramble away but he quickly resists. "I always prefer them dead," he laughs "no resistance."

You start to panic, and you feel all of him as he deftly takes off your piss-stained clothes. He's done this before.

You freeze. What could you do? I mean if you don't resist then maybe he won't kill you. So you look up to the sky, and pray that it'll be over soon. Because you put yourself in this situation.

When he's finally stopped thrusting inside you, he starts to put his clothes back on. And then takes a gun out of his pocket. "Girls like you need to be dead," he chuckles.

You stare at the gun, and start to scream.

He runs towards you to cover your mouth, but you caught him off guard. And he drops his gun.

It's there. On the grass.

As soon as you see it, you dive. And he's right there behind you grabbing every part of you to make sure he gets to kill you.

You see him behind you and decide to kick him in the balls. It works.

You grab the gun in your underwear and turn to face him. You see a half dressed man who's cradling his balls, still dirty from the forest. You see the man who drugged and raped you.

You have one shot. What do you do?

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