Meeting Jimmy

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This can be enjoyed on its own, but it is also a special scene from my story The President's Wife on Episode Interactive.

Meeting Jimmy

by zmcstories

Once I married Hugh and cut off my family, I stopped caring about everything.

It felt like I was all alone, and that nobody would come to save me.

He took me back to his place in the city and left me there to do his bidding.

Every. Day. For. Five. Years.

One day he took me outside to the gardens. "Molly" he said, "I want you to meet our new gardener."

His name is Jimmy.

Wow he was gorgeous! I couldn't let Hugh notice my obvious attraction to him, so I looked at the floor and mumbled a greeting.

"It's nice to meet you too...Molly," he purred. I started to blush, his emerald green eyes locked onto mine and it felt like an eternity before Hugh spoke up.

"I have to head off to do some business, Molly you can show Jimmy, around. I can't have him getting lost," he stated.

"Sure Hugh," I said to him, without letting him know that this was the best job I've ever had.

I heard him walk away, then the door click as he rushed off to work.

"I thought he'd never leave," Jimmy said.

I laughed. I was looking forward to getting to know Jimmy already.

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@bernardtwindwil Thank you so much for you kind words! :D I really appreciate it and I can't wait to write more.

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This was tastily written. It was piquant and the promise of future romance attracts the reader with that subtle "come hither wording" Great story!!!!!