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The reality of a Long Distance Relationship.


by zmcstories

One of the worst things in the world is having to say goodbye.

Especially if you don't know when you'll see them again.



I can see the station clock counting down our time together, and I look towards the platform.

The train has just arrived.

I look to my partner and start to tear up as he gives me a sad smile.

"Call me when you get there," he whispers into my ear as he hugs me tight.

My luggage doesn't make it easy, but I hug back with vigour.

And then I have to let go.

And get on that damned train.

Every step feels like a knife through my heart.

But I still manage to make it to the door.

Then I choose to look back.

He's gone.

His absence is too much, and I can barely get on the train as my vision starts to blur with tears.

Why does it feel like a final goodbye every time?

I look at the carriage.

Of course there would be a couple kissing!

Just to rub salt into the gaping hole in my heart.

I sit down and wipe my tears, as the train announcement starts to make its familiar introductions.

"Welcome on board to this service, where we'll be travelling to..."

I take out my phone and put my headphones in. I don't want to be on this train.

Bing! One new message.

I smile, he's not gone forever!

I tap out my response and we book the next train to see each other.

You think I'm a fool don't you?

I mean why else would I voluntarily put myself through this agony?

I probably am.

But every time I get off a train, and walk towards the ticket barriers.

To see him on the other side.

Well there's just no greater feeling.

And every smile of his, is worth a thousand of my tears.

And one day.

I'll get off the train.

Go through the ticket barrier.

And see him on the other side.

I'll reach in to hug him and then realise.

I'll never have to leave.

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