Can you keep a secret?
Can you keep a secret? sad stories

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A life lesson to learn.

Can you keep a secret?

by zmcstories

When someone says 'don't tell anyone but...'

You suddenly develop the urge to tell everyone you know.

I mean the lure of a secret is that it's irresistible to hear.

And irresistible to tell.

But when it's not scandalous.

Like a secret affair between a man and another man.

Or salacious.

Like knowing that those two people you've wanted to get together finally hook up.

But instead it's sad.

Like someone becoming ill.

Or them having to deal with much more than they expected.

Or a pet suddenly dies.

And you know that the people around them don't know what you know.

And the urge to tell isn't out of satisfaction, but out of a desperate need to distance yourself from this burden.

You start to feel this claustrophobic fear of the secret in your body, like taking a pill without water.

But you cannot tell. Not because it won't come out.

But because they need to find out in the right way.

Unlike you.

So when someone asks if you can keep a secret.

Maybe it's better to say you just don't want to hear it.

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