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Can you help me?


by zmcstories

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Hey you!

Yes you, the one looking at the screen.

Can you check the time for me?

Feels like I've been in here forever!

They were supposed to let me out at 3.

Oh... it's 2:50 pm? That's what I thought.

Well I'm afraid you can't help me then.

Thank you for your time but you may go.

Why aren't you moving?

I mean, do you want to know why I'm here?

Oh...you don't?

Well then why are you here?

Have you come to make fun of me? Oh the poor fool who got himself caught by the government!

Well I don't need your fucking jokes!

Just let me get out of here!


I'm so lonely.

Look I'm on my bloody knees for you! The least you could do is tell me the truth.

Why are you here?!

Wait! What just happened?!

Where are you going?!

Why can I stretch my limbs?

And feel the light?

I'm free?

What did you do?!

Come back here!

I never even got the chance to -

Thank you.

"Subject B47 broke out in 13 minutes sir."

"Very good, let's check the rest of them."

"Remember the set time is 2:50 pm, do not say a word, and let them figure out the rest."

"Is that clear soldier?"

"Yes Lieutenant."

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