To Do
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zlyn Community member
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Its a poem that deals with thoughts that aren't the best. (Trigger warning) A point of view from today's youth in america and possibly across the world

To Do

Things I could do right now:

Get drunk

Get high

Get dead.

Things that I could do without you:

Get drunk

Get high

Get dead.

Things I could do with you:

Get sober

Get love

Get care.

But I wanna get drunk

Because it keeps home where it belongs

It keeps you far away

Because that’s where you are

And I know you’re not good at this

Neither am I

But being drunk makes me think I am

It makes me think I’ll live past 21

And have a life

Maybe with you.

And I wanna get high

Because it paints the world in brighter colors

It makes things happier

Because that’s how they’re supposed to be

And maybe we can both be good at this

At living past 22

With a good life

Possibly with you

And a small part of me wants to get dead

Because it will stop the myriad of voices

Telling me that this isn’t going to work

And it was supposed to be like this

Not making it to 20.

So here are the things I’m gonna do:

Get drunk

Get high

And maybe

Get dead

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