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Once upond time

Look i'm just a girl who wants to rite about her boyfriend who can't spell and doesn't care about your opinion so just take all the hating go somewhere else. Some of the stuff I wrote about before it actually happened in real life which I think is crazy since I started this book in 2016. Oh if you would like me to continue this book please let me know. In real life some of the events that have happened to me are in this book. So if you're like where in the world bid she get this from that might be one. Carters Hannah/ you Jhona/ bruter Corbin/ boyfriend Zach Jack Daniol Dr./ Doctor

Hannah is Jonah 18 year old sister who is paralyzed and braly talks. Corbin ( scratchy) Yo when are you going to show us the surprise Jack Ya Zach 😢 Danyol Y'all are acting like children Jonah Go out side till I tell you to come in. After abut 5 mints of Jonah doing stuff the boys come back inside to see a mond with a blanket over it. Jack You got us a blanket🤗 Corbin rips of the blanket and is stun at what he see Jonah Gays this is my sister Hannah. She is perilous and hardly speak. Hannah wave and looked at Corbin and they both fainted at the same time. Zach What the hell just happened Jonah Call 911 this has never happened with ether one Jack On it Danyle I feel qisey now Zach Don't you dare Danyle. I will kill you if you throw up or anything else right now. The ambulance run them to the hospital where they finally wake up and have to get a million test before the boys cuddle come in. Jonah (in ters) Are you guys all right Hannah and Corbin go to say yes and nutting coms out of there maths. The start panicking which causes this to beep and nercs running in. Nuche Everything is fine Jack No it's not they can't talk Nuche Then we need to get you out of the room. After about 5 mints Jonah Are they fine Dr. I'm afraid not they both have a rilly bad through infection. Hannah might have to get a trakeyotimy soon we are not sure abut Corbin. Nnches Dr. She not breathing The Dr. runs in. Zach, jack, and Daniel have to hold back Jonah for going in. After they get Jonah calmed down a bit. Jonah You guys don't get it she was born 4 months petmecor with an inch of bone in her legs. She wasn't spsed to live a day. And after all the shit she has gone through a simple troth infection is going to kill her. Dr. She is stabile and Corbin should be fi Nhers He's not brea Jonah Are you kidding me now the most valuable voice in the band might not be able to sing again. 5 mints later Dr. They are both stable know so you can go in. Oh and they are in a king sized bed because we are low on beds and figured they will be fine with it. Jack They look so peaceful sleeping Hannah and Corbin role in there side so they were facing each other. Zach So should we take tensnds spending the night or just let Jonah do it all. Jack Jonah should stay her in till they are out but one of us should be here to watch him. Daniel Ye that's a good idea especially what he gust told us out there. The next day Corbin wakes up to here Jonah taking to a br . Jonah She was born 4 months premature with an inch of bone in her legs. She has had 20 sergrys to try to make her bones " normal". She was kept in the ICU for 2 years. Dr. Thank you we will try to find out what is roing with both of the them. The Dr. walks out. Corbin hits his hand on the bed to get there atenchen. Through Corbin phone She was not Jonah Ya she was her mom don't even know she was pregnant with her. So she drank the inter time.My mom some how herd of the stores and we adopted her. The achiohol stunted the bone growth in he legs. Corbin in his phone She knows all that right Jonah Yes. We told her everything to do  with her. Corbin and Jonah sit there for a few minutes until Hannah wakes up. Jonah starts crying when he riled she awake. Jonah thank god your alive. I didn't know what I will do if you die. Hannah rolls here eyes and rolls over. Corbin typing in his phone Why is she like that right now? Jonah Well she has died before but they brought her back to life after a half an hour. Hannah gets Jonah attend some how and signal for her phone. Hannah typing on her phone Are you just going around telling everyone my life story? Jonah Well I have to tell the dr. Hannah turns around and egnors him. A month goes by and Corbin can go home but he is not aloud to visit Hannah for a month. Hannah is getting worse as the days go on to the pointe where a dr. was always in the room. A few weeks go by when a emergency happened and the dr. had to run out and help. When the dr. came back she was in a coma and of coarse Jonah whet home to take a shower for the first time in like 3 months Corbin drives Jonah over to the hospital after he is done cleaning himself up for the first time in 3 months. It's Corbin first time seeing Hannah since he was discarded for the hospital for the same thing. A severe trot infection. Corbin Omg she is wors the I thought. She looks like she was hit by a train. Jonah I know right Corbin But she looks so precious sleeping. Jonah No you aren't allowed. Corbin What do you mean. Jonah You will not and can not date her. Corbin OMG there is no way I would ever do that cainda thing to you bro. Dr I'm sorry to interrupt but I need to check her vitals and give her her medicine. Jonah tries to wake her up but she has no reaction. The Dr calls for help and kicks Jonah and Corbin out of the room. Corbin has to drag Jonah out of the room and sit on him. 10 mints later the rest of the crew show up. No one could calm Jonah down. Not even his boyfriend code calm him down. About 20 minutes later a Dr come over and say she is in a coma and will most likely serve. Jonah instantly starts balling into Daniels chest. Daniel How long will she be in it. Dr There is no way to tell. But her body is still working it gust shot off her adilty to talk lison and move. Corbin Well can we at least see her. Dr. Yes. But don't be scared of all the moditers. We hooked her up to everything cositering her medical history. A week goes by and Hannah still hasn't woken up. The boys have been taking turns watching Jonah to make sure he was eating and everything. Jonah Hey bro I'm gun-a run to the bathroom. I'll be right back. Zach K Jonah walks out when Corbin walks in. Zach Thank goodness you here i need a shower. Corbin Than go. Zach leaves and Corbin sits down on the chare next to Hannah's bed. A few minutes after Zach left Corbin look over and Hannah opened her eyes. Corbin Omg you're awake. How do you feel? Where's your phone? Why are you looking at me like I have 3 heads? Jonah (crying and walking into the room) Your alive. Here's your phone. Hannah typing in her phone What happened? What is this stuff? Where am I? What the today's date? Corbin You are fine. You gust put yourself into a coma to help heal your trot infection. It's only been a week and you are in the same place.

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