Cross Roads of Reflection
Cross Roads of Reflection sadness stories

zixnano Community member
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I wrote about my not only struggle with letting go of the past but uncertainty of the future and what that even means.

Cross Roads of Reflection

I wish i could f*cking go back,

I have now what i then lacked,

But even now i'm not complete,

I start to get my bearings then i'm knocked off my feet,

I tip toe clumsy on life's tight rope,

Even though i've give up up on hope,

I still walk ever aimless in a straight line,

Convinced that its pointless half the time,

Where am i going... why do i pretend,

That there'll be anything waiting at the end,

I wish id fall and plummet like shot bird,

That might be the best idea i've ever heard,

but there's that change it'll work out if i see it through,

I don't really want to die i just don't know what to do,

This struggle is the human condition ,

At war with life its a battle of attrition.-N??

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