AGES --By Zara Ahmed

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ziggygirl212 Community member
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A poem I wrote to try and let go of what I was feeling. If anyone could understand, or relate then this poem was everything I hoped it to be

AGES --By Zara Ahmed

Over seeing all things, Ages and ages have come and pass As they were intended to.

A drop of water in the big blue sea A drop of dew on a Savannah leaf

That's what you were to me

That's what you did to me For Me

The dinosaurs and mammoths all disappeared So shall I, But you - you stay with me. Please. I wish you could I wish you would

Not exhibit my pain on your shelf of trophies That you forget to even dust

With this black hand Let me salvage it for you Let me strangle its cells And detach it for you.

Here Take it.

It's not like I needed it anyway It's not like I could use it anyway

As if I could As if it was for me Hah, as if it could do anything else But beat for


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