The 10 Things In Dating
The 10 Things In Dating dating stories

ziggy23 MBLERGH, IT'S ME! -Loki, "Thor Ragnarok"
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just a few things bout dating

The 10 Things In Dating

You really think you love him/her

Even when he/she does something that drives you MAD

Or possibly something that you say "it's fine" but you're honest-to-god dying inside

The kissing and nights are extremely addictive

It would be a shame to find out that another woman/man was sharing the addiction with him/her. YOUR LOVER

He/she gives you things from actual things to emotions and more

At the end of the day, though, maybe there's something he/she takes

Maybe he/she doesn't though

Maybe he/she makes you feel like the most blessed person in existence

Maybe he/she makes the rest of your life as jubilant as could be. I hope he/she does.

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