We're Sinking
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zhiwenQueer writer out of their element
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We're Sinking

by zhiwen

Darkness surrounds.

I open my eyes and I can only see blue.

I started choking with my throat constricting.

My lungs filling with salt and water.

Pressure tinged at my sides, threatening to overwhelm me.

I’m sinking in what seems to be an endless sea.

Drowning and sinking ever so slowly.

I can’t seem to remember how I got here.

As I sink, I see a ray of light broke through the surface.

I swim towards it, but I can never seem to reach it

swimming and swimming, never quite reaching it

It seemed like eternity has passed

And yet nothing has changed

I stared longingly at the ray of light,

wondering what it could be like up there.

I imagined white beaches, with the sun

Beating down on wet, salty skin

I wondered if that's what it's like up there.

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