A Moonlit Night Under The Duvet
A Moonlit Night Under The Duvet stories

zhiwenQueer writer out of their element
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A Moonlit Night Under The Duvet

by zhiwen

I lay in the dark room alone. The shimmering moon fixed in the sky.

I felt the cold night in my bones.

“Don’t worry”, a voice whispered.

I wandered through my dreams, the landscape blurry.

As it thunders with my thoughts, I felt memories walk in and out.

I never felt like myself.

My skin was hot and dry, yet it’s cold under my skin.

I rolled my body to relieve the confusion.

Even though I’ve lived long enough, the world felt like an illusion.

My flesh shivered with the mortality of it all. It longs for intimacy.

Small in the face of it.

How intricate this funny place. I never understood why.


I chuckled to myself how surreal it is.

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