The Introduction
The Introduction  science fiction stories

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I couldn't have been more thrilled. I was just elected as the 46th president of the U.S. Everything was great, the victory speech was well received and on constant replay on most news stations. I couldn't be more happier right?

The Introduction

I couldn't have been more thrilled. I was just elected as the 46th president of the U.S. Everything was great, the victory speech was well received and on constant replay on most news stations.

I couldn't be more happier right?

I need someone to tell me that, because what I've just experienced after getting ready for bed from a long night of celebrating victory, has changed my understanding of our existence.

Where do I start? It's all so unbelievable and no one will ever see this. I need to get this into words though. It is absolutely insane.

This e-diary is a known artifact and our government will never let this leak. But it feels good to pretend right? Or hope maybe? That someone someday does see this? Anyway let's get to the meat.

I'm laying in bed and notice our window curtain shutter. Now context here, single First Lady, ok? When I look closer I honestly couldn't believe what I was seeing.

A woman, dressed in black slacks and a white button up with a white undershirt. Immediately I went to scream out, but my voice, Jesus how do I say this, well it didn't do anything. No sound.

Nothing. I was terrified.

"How could anyone get in here?" Was my immediate thought. She then began to speak in soft cocky tone, "hello, I'm not here to hurt you, just talk, we have to you see.

I talk to all new leaders, and also please don't try to warn, yell, scream, or run. Just relax and listen to me."

Immediately I attempted to leave my bed but only the thought occurred. I laid motionless. She had complete control over my body. "Is this drugs?" I'm thinking.

She immediately comes closer, almost to the point of being able to feel her breathing.

"I told you, but it's ok, everyone wants to run, at this point in our time, this all must be pretty shocking to you. But I assure you, this isn't drugs or witchcraft.

How do I put this, I am you. Well a much older and more evolved you. From a much older dimension. You see, we've mastered space and time through our lengthy time in the universe.

Without bending your mind with technical scientific jargon we know how to come back, learn, and return. That's all you need to comprehend.

Otherwise you'll stop listening and honestly I only know talking points, I'm just hired to do this speech with your office every four years so yea. Now, you'll see ships.

Or aircrafts I should say quite often that your people's generations (especially the boomers) are not going to understand and find impossible.

It's up to you on whether you tell them but I would error on the side of caution there. Your elites have already taken our help, your military, and finally government as well.

You will get the briefings over time. Think of it as being lucky.

You could know how to get off this rock!" Pausing and then bursted into laughter, she then walked towards the same window I saw her appear near.

She continued, "anyway I need to get home. But listen, I'm leaving you with this, it's a "phone", your kind calls it this. See it allows you to contact me at any point.

Given your title I would advise you to utilize that bad boy. Now I hate parting this way but it has to be said.

Not only is it necessary for your success in this position, but if you don't, things aren't going to turn out well for you. Now we won't kill you. We're far past that.

What I mean First Lady, is you're not the first person in your 'position' I've had this talk with every president even Washington.

Comply and listen to our advice, things will go quite well for you on this rock and then far past it in lengthened life span, exploration of untouched habitable planets, and creation of life.

All with our technology. But if you don't, that's on you. We will continue our agenda and let you deal with the chaos that ensues as you ignore our teachings.

Presidents have done this and let's say their reputations and legacies weren't left in the best condition.

If you want a glowing legacy and smooth presidency plus a guaranteed 2 terms, then I'd use that phone as much as I could. But honestly we really don't care if you do or don't.

Our dimension did, I would advise you do to. Don't be a boomer right? My attempt at 2020 humor.

Anyway I'm going to leave now using I guess what you would call a worm hole?

Yea because with your hiding of your advanced archived Tesla and Einstein research and limiting public release of said information over time humans here think the fastest thing is light right?

LOL (she literally says that) but that's your weird ass religious craziness I guess. I'm just having some pontificating fun. Thank god we got past that bull shit in our dimension.

I'm sure you have questions. Call me! Or don't! Anyway sleep tight and enjoy having your mind blown! The phone is on your night stand!"

She then winked at me and was gone. Like she walked behind the curtain and went through a door. Gone. Now I sit. The phone is here.

Do I call them? What the hell? What about god? This could cripple our nation. It will have too many questions. They can't now. How do I tell my parents? Yea not happening.

Our entire understanding of the Bible. Christ. This is a nightmare. I'm done tying for now. Sleeping on this. I may make the call. But for now the phone sits....the universe within its signal.

To be continued.

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