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RWBY story. Jaune and Pyrrha have a sparring match.



I was struck by her shield and knocked down to the floor. I know we made this kind of agreement, but Pyrrha really doesn't pull any punches in her training sessions.

I looked over at the setting sun, exhausting myself even more with the sight.

"Nice hit, I'll make sure to watch out for it next time. But, uh... do you think we could wrap it up here for today?"

Pyrrha just shook her head. "You know that you have to work a lot harder than everyone else if you want to catch up."

She was right. I didn't really have any right to complain. I came here by accident and still haven't earned the right to be here for real.

But I really was reaching my limit, and I didn't know how I could keep this up.

"I know, but this is really..."

She shoved her hand in my face, palm open to help me up from the ground.

"Getting too hard for you? That's why you have me here, remember? To push you harder than you would by yourself."

... I couldn't find the words to respond.

So instead, I took her hand and got back to my feet, taking a fighting stance.

"Good, now let's try that same move again."

"Again?" I moaned.

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