Some Privacy, Please?
Some Privacy, Please? voltron: legendary defender stories

zex_eios Very clever move, Mr. Big Bird
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Voltron (Klance) story. Things get heated during a sparring match.

Some Privacy, Please?

The sound of Bayards triggering and clashing sounded out through the ship. Hunk and Pidge were sitting at the galley, listening to the aggressive noise.

"Keith and Lance are at it again, huh?"

A loud explosion accented her statement.

"Certainly sounds like it."

"I just wish they didn't have to turn every sparring session into a competition. They're seriously going to..."

An extra loud explosion was heard this time, violently shaking the ship.

"That's it! I'm going over there to give them a piece of my mind!"

The Paladin headed to the door to the training room, where voices from inside could be heard.

"Hey! That's an illegal move!"

"Well then don't stand in my way like that!"

"Wait, hold on, stop moving..."


It was just at that moment that Pidge opened the door.

"Keep it down, you two! Some of us are..." But she cut herself off.

In the training room, she saw Lance and Keith on the ground, laying on top of each other.

Everyone's faces went bright red as they spotted each other.

"Uh, sorry! Didn't mean to intrude." She shouted as she shut the door.


"Can you get off of me now?"

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