Slime Time
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My Hero Academia story. Ashido gets upset when her favorite contestant loses.

Slime Time

"Now then, it's time to announce the winner of our competition!"

I leaned my head in close to the tablet.

"It's got to be Yuki! She's the only one that can win!"

"Our winner this time around is..."

"... Futaba! Let's give her a round of applause!"

"What? No way!" I slammed my hands onto the table.

In my frustration, however, I didn't notice that I started accidentally seeping acid out of my hands. It started melting through the table.


The entire thing split in half, collapsing to the floor. With my support gone, I fell right down with it, banging my head on the floor.

"Ow..." I moaned as I rubbed the affected area.

Suddenly, my hand that was on the floor sunk lower. It was then that I noticed the acid was still going, now seeping through the floor into Toru's room.

I heard a sound of confusion coming from underneath me. This wasn't good.

"T-Toru! Watch out!" I warned her, but it was too late.

The floor, or I guess for Toru, the roof, collapsed.

We both started screaming as I and half of my room fell down into her room. Luckily, nothing fell on Toru. Well, except for me.

I laid on top of her as the dust settled, until she finally asked me:

"Were you upset Yuki didn't win, too?"

"Yes! You understand exactly!"

"I don't care what I understand, just get off me!"

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