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zex_eios Very clever move, Mr. Big Bird
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Voltron (Klance) story. Keith goes over Lance's recent blunders.


"I just can't believe him, Hunk! You know what he just did last mission?"

Keith burst into the lounge and immediately began ranting. I'm not even sure how he knew I was here.

"Complaining about Lance, again? What did he do this time?"

"He flew his Lion in front of the Glara ships and directed all their fire onto him, letting the civilian ships escape unscathed."

"That sounds... pretty heroic, actually."

"Dangerous is what it was. He could have gotten himself killed doing that!"

"Sounds like you were more worried for him than you are angry."

"More like I was worried about him getting the Red Lion destroyed. And do you know what he said when I told him all of this?

"'Sorry, I'll be more careful next time.'"

"Uh... is there a problem with that?"

"Of course there was! I could tell by his tone that he was being sarcastic and condescending."

"Or maybe he's just matured over time?"

"No, he's not like that, not my Lance."

"Your... Lance?"

"And you know what else? I took a look at his room, and it was completely filthy, even though I told him numerous times to clean it!"

"How am I supposed to deal with him?"

"I guess a PTA meeting would be a good start. Or you could ground him."

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