Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Out of Sight, Out of Mind my hero academia stories

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My Hero Academia story. Toru talks about living with her quirk.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

"Hey, Toru, I was wondering about something..."

I was sitting with Ochaco for lunch today, talking about nothing in particular. Somehow, the conversation drifted towards my quirk, invisibility.

"Yes! What did you want to know about it?" I responded.

"Is there anything that's more difficult to do because of it? Like when you have to get dressed or something?"

"Oh, that? Well... I guess sometimes it's hard to know where parts of my body are.

When I brush my teeth, sometimes I end up missing my mouth with the toothbrush and smear the toothpaste onto my cheek." I laughed as I re-imagined the blunder.

"Is that so? Sounds rough..." My listener sympathized.

"Nah, It's not so bad. Oh! I also run into things like tables a lot, since I can't see where my legs and arms are."


"Man, sometimes I can't even put my clothes on right! I'll keep missing my feet when I try to put my socks on, and can't get my arms through the holes of my shirt."

Suddenly, Ochaco rested her hand on my shoulder.

"Are you okay? Do you need help?" She asked in a serious tone.

A wave of silence passed between us before I answered:

"...Yes, please."

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