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Voltron (Klance) story. Lance and Hunk discuss some laundry confusion.


"Hey Hunk, I seem to be missing a certain shirt here." I told him as we sorted out a clean load of laundry.

"Really? What does it look like?"

I quickly described its appearance.

"Oh, that one? I gave it to Keith since I thought it was his."

"What!? How could you think it was his?"

"Well, you two wear the same kind of clothes."

"Are you kidding? My sense of style is way better than his!"

"Oh yeah? Then here, this shirt's yours." He said as he tossed it to me.

"Oh, thanks! I've been looking for this one."

"Actually, that one's Keith's. Looks like you can't even tell which clothes aren't yours."

"What? That can't be. You probably just messed up when you were organizing them one time."

The door to the room opened. Keith revealed himself and walked inside.

"Hey guys, I'm missing some... underwear. It's black with a pink waistband."

"What do you mean? Those are mine, I took them earlier."

"No, those are definitely mine. I put my name on them because you two keep messing up the laundry like this.

"... Wait, you aren't wearing them right now, are you?"

I gave him an apologetic grin.


"You know what? Keep them."

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