Lost and Found
Lost and Found rwby stories
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zex_eios Very clever move, Mr. Big Bird
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RWBY story. Ruby loses her glasses.

Lost and Found

No, not in the bathroom.

Not under my bed, either.

Nor were they at my desk!

"Yang! Have you seen my glasses!" I called out.

"What are you..."

"And before you say it, no, they are not in my pockets!"

"Hold on..."

"And no, I didn't leave them in their case."


"Nor are they on my head! I've looked everywhere and I can't find them!"

Yang sighed. "Ruby, I was trying to tell you that you don't own any reading glasses. Your vision was fine, last time I checked."

I stared blankly at her as I processed what she said.

"Oh... right..."

"... Wait, then why did I buy this case for them?"

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