Huntress in Training
Huntress in Training rwby stories

zex_eios Very clever move, Mr. Big Bird
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RWBY story. Ruby takes on a harrowing mission.

Huntress in Training

I dashed between rooftops, a clear sightline on my target.

They were fast, but I wasn't about to let them get away. I swiftly closed in on them.

A chance!

I dived in for the kill and swiped at them, but they sneaked away from me.

This was a challenging foe indeed, but I wasn't about to give up!

To my surprise, my target misjudged the distance between two buildings and fell into the alley below.

Could this be it? Did they make a fatal error?

I entered the alley right behind them. There they were, cornered with no way out.

"This is the end for you..."



I handed the cat back to its owner, an old lady.

"Thank you so much for returning Hamlet to me!"

"All in a day's work for a Huntress, ma'am!"

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