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My Hero Academia story. Mineta devises a plan.


There's this story about two mice that were dumped into a bucket of cream.

One of them struggled a little bit to get out, but then gave up and drowned.

The other kept swimming and kicking as hard as he could. Eventually, the cream in the bucket churned into butter, allowing him to escape.

The moral of the story is that with hard work and patience, you can achieve any goal, no matter how insurmountable.

When Mr. Aizawa said that the baths in the dorm were separated by gender, I was like the first mouse that had given up.

But I didn't want to give up so quickly, so I resolved to become like that second mouse!

Right beside the baths was a janitor's closet that wasn't in use.

Every night, while everyone was asleep, I snuck in there with a chisel and chipped away at the wall. I spent many sleepless nights there, but I kept going.

I was going to churn the cream into butter.

I must have dug through 10 feet to make it to my destination, but I was finally there! I made a small peep hole that led straight into the girls' bath!

Now that it was bathing time, I just had to peer in. Just a little more...


Eh? Is that... Mr. Aizawa? What's he doing bathing in the girls' bath? Wait a minute, isn't this wall...

Did I accidentally dig into the boys' bath instead!?

Wait, hold on! Don't take off your towel! Don't turn around!


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