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zex_eios Very clever move, Mr. Big Bird
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Voltron (Klance) story. Lance finds some of Keith's old stuff in the Red Lion.

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"Eugh! I never knew Keith was so messy!"

Recently, I've switched roles to become the new pilot of the Red Lion.

That means I get the unfortunate task of cleaning out all the old stuff Keith forgot about in his cockpit.

So far, I've found all kinds of junk. Socks, Paper cups, and a banana peel just to name a few.

I was shifting through a pile of papers and the like when I came across something odd.

"Huh? What's this?" I dug it out to reveal it was a book with an odd cover.

"'Ninjas of Love'? What a weird title..."

Still, I decided to take a quick gander over the book's contents.


The book was, how do you say... not very family friendly.

And very... intense.

Suddenly, the cockpit of the lion opened up.

"Sorry, Lance, forgot something important in here. Mind if I..."

His gaze drifted towards the book in my hands, allowing me to add two and two together.

"You... found it."

"Interesting hobby you have here. I'm sure you'd be very embarrassed if everyone found out about it."

"Give that back!"

He dove in for the book, but I managed to keep it out of his reach.

"Now, now... what do we say when we want something?"

For some reason, his eyes went wide when I said that. He backed off quietly and got all fidgety.

"... Please, I want you to take your thing and..."

I realized that he was about to say a rather painful line from the book. I accidentally brought it on by saying the statement that preceded it.

"Wait! Stop! I don't want to hear it! Just take it back and never talk to me about it again!"

I hastily handed the novel back. Keith followed suit by making a hasty retreat from the Lion.

"I have to admit, though, the story wasn't that bad."

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